Resources for Reinventing Yourself

As humans, we have the incredible capacity in being adaptive. Which means we have the resources for reinventing ourselves to stay relevant.

But if the resources are available to all of us, then why is it that some people are more successful at reinventing themselves, while others struggle?

With change rapidly eroding the relevancy of our skills, we can no longer rely only on information to help us stay relevant.

The resources at your disposal must go beyond informing you what’s happening. It must help you understand where the future is headed and what you can do to stay relevant.

This list of resources for reinventing to stay relevant is constantly updated. You will always be getting the latest insights along with actionable advice to help you start reinventing to stay relevant.

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Melvyn Tan


Drink to lose weight

Did you know drinking water can help you lose weight? Here are six reasons how drinking water can help. I am tracking my water intake to see if the inverse correlation is true. Use this app to find out how much water you need to drink daily.

First thing in the morning

You already knew checking your phone first thing in the morning is bad for you. How about things you should do in the morning? Here are five habits to introduce into your daily morning routine.

Where you lay your head

I take sleep very seriously. Especially on days when I’ve engaged in some strenuous exercise. And like the way I organize my desk, I take time to create my optimal sleep setup. For instance, listening to Sleep Stories as I’m winding down, though I almost never get to find out the ending.

Painting the pains away

30.6% of men have suffered from a period of depression in their lifetime. Art therapy, according to this, this, and this research, works for individuals with depression. Here’s a good resource to get started on art therapy started.

Burnout: which half do you belong

Although the reported statistics claims that 49 percent of those responded indicated they are “somewhat burned out”. But, as this survey admits, the real figure is likely to be higher. If you are experiencing burnout, you are not alone.

Life is an Adventure

Working without a purpose

If you get the sense that you’ve been working hard and felt like you’re not making progress, take heart. 80% of people surveyed by Prudential felt the same way. It took a British man to survive a heart attack to make this resolution, “I want every day to count for something at work.” What is your purpose at work?

Perfectionism can be good for you

Can perfectionism be good for you? The short answer—yes. The long answer—to embrace a radical way of thinking about enhancing perfectionism rather than overcoming it. This focuses on accentuating the positive. In other words, focus on the healthy aspects such as perfecting your perfectionism.

Mind the purpose gap

85% of respondents from one group agree “they can live their purpose in day-to-day work”. 85% of another group indicated they disagree “they can live their purpose in day-to-day work”. Would you agree that what you do day-to-day is aligned to your purpose?

Looking back for inspiration

How do you feel when you try to recall about items and memories of your days as a youth? As it turns out, nostalgia helps you cope with stress, find meaning in life, and become more creative. How so? Well, nostalgia makes connecting the dots between the present and the past which can help you find meaning, motivation, and perhaps even change your mindset. Should you start looking for those cassette tapes?